Elsword News – New Pet Dungeon – Critter’s Carnival!

Like Elsword couldn't get any cuter, yesterday they launched the Critter's Carnival Pet Dungeon and Events. From April 15-28, players will enter Joaquin's Laboratory of Alchemy in search of the Wild Rider.

Among the Critter-iffic activities are:

  • The Wild Rider's Hideout – players will receive a map showing the hideout's location (must have this to enter Joaquin's Lab)

  • The Wild Rider  – only lucky players will encounter this elusive entity and if they do, they better be ready to defeat it.

  • Glave The Critter Tamer - Glave's Soul Sealer Stone used on The Wild Rider when it's at less than 20% HP means an instant win. Successfully using the Stone will earn you either a Corrupted Wild Rider's Soul or Pure Wild Rider's Soul which can be used to acquire a mount.

  • Wild Rider's Souls- Bring 20 Wild Rider's Soul Sculptures and the equivalent number of Mystery El Shards to Glave and generate a cube that contains a random time-limited or permanent mount. Open it or collect multiples to craft a Pure Wild Rider's Soul.

  • The Return of Retro Life Crystals 20 of Elsword's most popular pets are being offered in the shop for a limited time.

For more information about the Critter's Carnival Dungeon and Events or just to learn more about Elsword, check out the game's official website.

Elsword News - New Pet Dungeon - Critter's Carnival!

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