Elsword News – Third Anniversary Arrives with Elesis’ 2nd Job Path

Kill3r Combo is ready to pull out the stops in celebration of Elsword's third anniversary. As part of the fete, players will be able to get a first look at Elesis' second job path!

Along with the Elesis Job update, we’re throwing an anniversary bash like no other. Just for logging on during our event, players will receive Lucky Bags. Returning and current Elsword players alike will get some great treats. Do you remember the day you first set foot in Elrios, or how many dungeons you’ve completed? We do! We will host an in-game Memories Album that reveals special milestones that players have experienced throughout their adventures in Elrios. The ever-popular Anniversary Coin makes its highly anticipated, once-a-year return!   Will all of these events and more to come… this is going to be the best Elsword Anniversary yet!

Read more about the big happenings on the Elsword site.

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