Eternal Winter Chest

Dear community,

the tradeable Eternal Winter Chest will be available in the Item Shop from 04.12.2014 00:00 until 04.12.2014 23:59.

Those who personally offended the emperor were immediately exiled into the icy depths of the far north. Amongst these people, there was a mighty mage, who made use of his frosty exile: he began experimenting with ice spells and frost incantations. When he disappeared in a ball of blue light one day, this chest of ice remained. Keep a cool head when you open it! For no one really knows what’s inside it…

Note: This chest is tradeable.

Can contain one of the following items: Ice Phoenix Seal, Wind Shoes+, Reinforce Item, Blacksmith Handbook, Dragon Scroll, Blessing Marble, Quartz Sand, Soul Stone, White Pearl, Blue Pearl, Blood-Red Pearl, Sun Elixir (L), Moon Elixir (L), Dragon God Life (2x), Critical Strike (4x), Piercing Strike (4x), Concentrated Reading.

Metin2 Team

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