Eternity Splinter Guide (Farming, Character Values, etc.)

Hi everyone! This is a guide for eternity splinters, very important loot in this game. New players will find most benefit in this, but it may also be used as a reference for others.

First off, if you just began the game, you’re probably wondering what in Nick Fury’s nostril am I talking about. Well, eternity splinters are an in game currency used to purchase new heroes to play as and various upgrades. They are the only way to expand your roster (besides giveaways) other than Gs.

How to Obtain

Eternity splinters will drop from all enemies except grays. You can tell what rating the mob is by viewing the solid color on the far right of the enemy’s nameplate. Every ~8 minutes, as long as you’re fighting, a splinter will drop. However, by increasing your hero’s SIF (special item find), there will be a high chance of splinters occasionally dropping in packs of two, five, or even the rare ten pack.

Where to Spend Your Splinters

In every hub area, there is a vendor named Adam Warlock. Speak with him to access the splinter shop.

Character Values

Below is a chart of each hero and their corresponding splinter value. It will be updated as necessary.

Black Widow 200 Splinters

Daredevil 200 Splinters

Hawkeye 200 Splinters

Scarlet Witch 200 Splinters

Storm 200 Splinters

Taskmaster 200 Splinters

Thing 200 Splinters

Black Panther 400 Splinters

Cable 400 Splinters

Captain America 400 Splinters

Colossus 400 Splinters

Cyclops 400 Splinters

Emma Frost 400 Splinters

Gambit 400 Splinters

Hulk 400 Splinters

Human Torch 400 Splinters

Invisible Woman 400 Splinters

Jean Grey 400 Splinters

Loki 400 Splinters

Luke Cage 400 Splinters

Moon Knight 400 Splinters

Mr. Fantastic 400 Splinters

Ms. Marvel 400 Splinters

Nightcrawler 400 Splinters

Psylocke 400 Splinters

Punisher 400 Splinters

Rocket Raccoon 400 Splinters

Silver Surfer 400 Splinters

Squirrel Girl 400 Splinters

Star-Lord 400 Splinters

Thor 400 Splinters

Wolverine 400 Splinters

Deadpool 600 Splinters

Dr. Strange 600 Splinters

Ghost Rider 600 Splinters

Iron Man 600 Splinters

Spider-Man 600 Splinters

Team-Up Values

Team-Ups are non-playable heroes that can fight alongside you and provide passive bonuses. Much like companions in other MMOs, summoning a team-up can give you the edge you need in battle. Luckily, G’s aren’t the only way to earn these partners. Below is a list of all team-ups and their corresponding splinter value. It will be updated as necessary. Any marked with a * have not been released yet and are subject to change.


Farming Tips

Of course, that’s a lot of splinters. From other players’ experiences and my own, here are some Eternity Splinter farming tips:

  1. Go to Midtown Manhattan. Reports have shown that the drop rates are higher here and there are frequent mobs and bosses.

  2. Purchase gear with +Special Item Find. As stated above, this will increase the likelihood that splinters will drop in packs of two, five, or ten.

  3. If you are good at multitasking, try the AFK (away from keyboard) method. Head out into an area with enemies, grab a splinter, then set a timer for 8 minutes. Do other things until the timer goes off, then come back and grab another splinter, then repeat.

  4. Don’t fixate on what you’re doing. If you check your splinter count every time you pick one up, it will seem like you are earning them very slowly. When you want time to fly, the worst thing to do is to look at the clock.

  5. A way to avoid fixating is to set another objective. It could be to earn a few level-ups, or find some Uniques. By the time you’ve made some progress on this goal, you’ll have picked up a fair amount of splinters without realizing it too much.

  6. Don’t fight alone! Marvel Heroes is an MMO, which is fancy code for multiplayer makes it better. Get together with some friends (it is not recommended that you get in a group, however, because this could cause you to miss out on splinters) and crush those villains! It’s always more fun to combine many powers and strategies than to go around alone like a guy who works in an ice cream truck that no kids are buying ice cream from as you drive around the block 62.5 times. (Odd simile #55)


I hope at least someone will find this guide helpful. Thanks for your time, and happy farming!

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