Guide:Body Warrior Skillguide

Guide:Body Warrior Skillguide



For all characters is valid: It makes sure that your talents wrap around of stage 16 to 17, on masters. If this should not happen, it goes put back (goes only to level 30 and thus only with the first master) or uses to the old woman and lets Book of forgetting. Tries it thereupon again, until it folds. Each stage, which needs its too much, means a given away level, what will particularly annoy you in the High level range.

The Defaultskills is valid for everyone, which wants to simply only play drauf and keep open its character loosely for everything wants. Thus it offers to a balanced Skill to select itself: For the standard Skill one should pull up STR and VIT to 40-50 point in the relationship 1:1. Afterwards one adheres roughly to the regulation ” 10 STR more than VIT”. However one can adapt some little to its equipment, if one has anyway a good equipment for the next level, can one in this time a few points of VIT more set, in order to increase the damage.

Talent sequence[edit]
1. Aura Of Sword
2. Sword Spin
3. Berserk
4. Three Way Cut
5. Dash

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