Guide:Healing Force Shaman Guide

Guide:Healing Force Shaman Guide



editor’s note: As with every guide, this very useful tool contains some opinion from the author

Healers are generally seen as the stronger type of shaman when it comes to PVP, while dragons are generally considered stronger in PVM. But built right, healers can do quite well in PVM, too. I never had any big problems leveling myself even though it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. If you want easy leveling you shouldn’t choose to be a shaman at all.

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1 Stats
2 Skills
3 Equipment
4 Horse
5 Dueling
6 Additional notes

To start out you will need some points in VIT the first few levels to get you going. Then you should put point in INT and VIT in a 1:2 ratio (put the first 2 points each level in VIT and the 3rd in INT), I changed my opinion on this, before I thought INT should be maxed first but in lower levels a shaman really need the HP and defense u get from VIT to level easier. When VIT is maxed around lvl 4x you put all your points in INT until that is maxed out too. When both VIT and INT is maxed out you should put all your points in DEX. There is no need to put any points in STR until all other stats are maxed out.
When u get above level 70 you can use blood pills or Reset Stats Scroll to change for full DEX instead of VIT. This maximizes the damage you deal and gives u more evasion wich is great for PVP and when fighting mobs that deal a high amount of damage. I personally waited until lvl 75 before I made this change because before that I had problem with the loss of defense and HP from this change.
At lvl 78 I turned pure PvM. By that I mean I lowered my INT to max out both VIT and DEX instead. This helps me tank a lot of mobs easier, but leaves me weaker in PvP.

To see a complete list of shaman skills, see Shaman skills
Start out by putting one point in each skill except Attack Up. In my opinion Attack Up is the most useless skill in this game.

First master you need an attack skill. You got a choice here, if you are gonna focus on PVP you should go for Lightning Throw or Lightning Claw because of the short cooldown time. I wanted to be PVE and went for Summon lightning because of its massive damage and ability to hit many enemies at once.

Second master should be cure. The main advantage of being a healer is your ability to heal!

Third master in my opinion have to be swift. Most people only see the movement speed but the main advantage of swift is the increased cooldown speed. Get it high M as soon as possible, in combination with a cooldown+4 and some spell speed bonuses u can cut your cooldown time in half. That gives u the ability to use your skills continuously.

Fourth master is the attack skill you prefer. If u didn’t master Summon lightning as first now is the time to do it. I use Lightning Claw only for lureing so my fourth master was Lightning Throw since I got Summon Lightning as first.

To see a complete list of shaman weapons, see Shaman Weapons
Try to get equipment with INT and spell speed bonuses. After lvl 30 get an Autumn Wind Fan+9 (lvl 30) with high skill damage. This is the only fan u will need until lvl 65 if u get a good one. No other fan before Salvation Fan is better.
Also get yourself an Antique Bell+9 with high average damage, you will be needing this to fight from horse. You will do fine with this until high level too.
When yo get to level 75 you will need to get yourself a Bamboo Bell or preferably two and make one of them for pvm and one for pvp. Many people don’t see this but a bamboo bell+9 with the right bonuses can be better than an Epic Salvation fan. Just to prove my point:

Bamboo Bell+9:

209-245 attack power
207-217 magic attack power
26% attack speed

Epic Salvation fan+9:

159-181 attack power
185-205 magic attack power
30% attack speed
15% HH

If you get 10HH and 10+ skill damage on the bamboo bell its far better than epic salvation.

Get a war horse as soon as possible, you will be depending on it to level until you are high level. Learn to fight from the horse, jump off to heal, back on, off to attack, back on and so on. It takes some practice but is very effective ones you learned how to do it. don’t leave it as war horse though, make it Military too.

I can’t count how many arguments I been in over this but I will state my point of view. Healers have all long range attacks, and we have a skill to make us fast so we can dodge attack from our enemies. We don’t have any skills that make us stronger or able to take more damage, our skills are to give us the abillity to evade the attacks and heal ourselfes when we get caught. So in a duel that is what we are supposed to do, try to dodge the attack of our enemies, stay away and hit with our long distance skills. This is the same as for bow ninjas. Don’t listen to argument like in a duel you are supposed to stand still and take the damage, that’s bull****. In a duel you are supposed to use your skills in the best way possible to beat your enemy.
Warriors have skills that either make them deal loads of damage to kill fast or that gives them high defense so they are able to stand close and take a lot of damage. That is their skills that they use the way they are intended. We should do the same, use our skills the way they are intended.

Additional notes

Finish all the Biologist quests as soon as possible. They will help you a lot

Get started on polymorph skill as early as possible. P poly will be needed later on and is great for leveling in cave2 or red woods if you struggle doing it normally. But before P you only stay in poly for 10 minutes and this will cost you a lot. P poly gives you 35 minutes and you can gain a lot of exp in that time.

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