Hot Dogs for Second Harvest Food Bank!

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In honor of our landslide win of MMORPG’s “Best Overall MMO of 2014,” @AgentParks and @Ryolnir will be livestreaming tomorrow at 2PM PST. AgentParks will be eating hot dogs for charity, with proceeds going to the Second Harvest Food Bank! Here’s the specific details from @AgentParks himself:

For every hot dog I get down, we’ll be donating $10 to Second harvest Food Bank in San Mateo. So each dog will buy roughly 20 meals. We’ll be giving away Fred Dawson’s Hot Dog Cart to random people in the stream. Also for every hot dog I get down, we’ll be boosting server-side RIF/SIF by 5%.

We’re going to be showing off Winter Soldier, and giving items away too. We’ll also be doing a general overview of the game since it won Best Overall MMO of 2014.

You can catch the action HERE at 2PM PST TOMORROW (February 3rd)

Other timezone equivalents:
GMT – 10PM
CET – 11PM
EET – Midnight
AEST – 9AM (February 4th)

Additionally, you can help donate to the cause by heading to the Second Harvest Food Bank website!

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