How to Play Marvel Heroes as a Casual or Core Gamer

Hey guys. So you aren’t an amazing player that knows exactly how to min/max your gear for new raids, or maybe you know how but you don’t want to grind out that gear because that isn’t fun to you. Maybe your reaction speed isn’t good enough to move to safe spots during raid boss fights, or you don’t have either the time or money to invest in leveling up your heroes to get gear ready. Well, this guide is intended for you. As I’m also a core gamer, these are the things that really interested and helped me enjoy Marvel Heroes, but also as a core gamer, I don’t know everything and would love feedback on this guide from more experienced players! You hardcore folks are awesome at this stuff!

Get Free Stuff!

Gazillion is awesome about promotions and regularly gives out “first tastes” to try to get you to buy new item boosts. When you get a promotional e-mail about a new event or goings on about Marvel Heroes, it will usually contain a code/key that you can enter at the Marvel Heroes website to get neat stuff. If you miss these e-mails or have them screened by a spam filter, remove the filter OR you can go to this website to see what codes are still active.

Another great option, if you are going to buy boosts or characters is to look on the cash store each day under the Specials Tab AND look at the banner. Not all the items under the Special tab are on sale. Some of them are item boosts that are only available for a limited time, but many of them are. The banner ads up top will usually tell you what sales are going on (if any) and you can even click on them to get all the details.

Make large G purchases if you buy G. . . IF you have good willpower. I do not and will quickly deplete any G on my account buying up whatever I see that I fancy, so I can’t buy large amounts at once, but if you do have the willpower, you get bonus G for purchasing a larger amount of it at any given time and can then wait for sales and special events to buy items. Also, if you do buy Boost Items with G, I would suggest focusing on Xp potions. In my experience, the items that increase your rare item find or special item find don’t seem to have much of an impact on the quality or quantity of loot my heroes obtain. I’m sure it is working and this is just the fact that the rolls for extremely rare gear are so incredibly rare already that it is hard for a non-statistician to see the difference between getting one unique in 5000 drops vs. getting one in 2500 (or whatever the numbers actually are, I don’t know), but it doesn’t FEEL like anything is happening, so it doesn’t feel worth real money. Your mileage may definitely vary on this though and ultimately the loot is a result of a random number generator (you’ll read this abbreviated as RNG by more experienced players), so it is likely that the randomness could throw off my perception of the relevance of these boosts.

Buy Things with In-Game Currency

If you are new to the game, you likely only have the starting hero or the starting hero and one or two that you bought because they are your favorite. This means that you are very likely to unlock a new hero if you go to Adam Warlock and purchase a random hero for 175 Eternity Splinters. Just play the heroes you have until you get 175 Eternity Splinters and grab one of these. The downside is that you can randomly roll a hero you already own, but this isn’t all loss because the token it drops will allow you to power up their ultimate ability.

Additionally, you can buy Mark-1 Fortune Cards from Clea, the Cube Shard vendor. Cube Shards are obtained by doing Terminal missions. 10 of these will grant you a Fortune Card that is very likely to drop a Boost Item that can increase your loot or xp rate.

Greater Power Through Purchasing

The above section told you how to make advancements for things normally only obtainable with real-world money, but you should also learn about gear upgrades purchasable from vendors because they will help you make your characters much more powerful without having to take on content you don’t enjoy or find too difficult.

Odin Marks – These are obtained in chests for completing daily shared quests OR by completing legendary quests on your characters that are above level 20. Each day, you get a bonus Odin Mark for each hero above 20’s first legendary quest. A really good idea is to go through your list of heroes and complete a legendary quest for each of them. Then change to the hero you like the most or are currently leveling up and complete the daily shared quests with him/her. This will net you a good amount of Odin Marks each day. Something to keep in mind is that Legendary quests can be harder or more time-consuming than other Legendary quests. You’ll get an idea bout this as you complete them. Something to watch for is that if you get a booger quest (as I call them), you can go to the Legendary quest screen and push Re-roll to pay credits to roll for a different quest. You might have to do this several times if you are unlucky, but the cost while moderately high is totally worth it IMO.

You can use 300 Odin Marks to purchase Legendary items that have very powerful stat boosts on them that can make every character much more powerful. These stat boosts are not instant, but must be gained as you gain xp. Legendary items “level up” in a similar way to your heroes. Additionally, for your favorite hero, you can purchase Blessings for 100 Odin Marks from the Enchanter. These allow you to add special effects to artifact items that have dropped. Because you only want these on very high level artifacts, it may be best to only purchase these for you favorite max level hero with which you play after completing the daily Legendary quests and Shared quests.

Crafter – The crafter can make some artifacts for you if you level him up by donating unwanted items (hold down ALT and right-click on gear to donate it). He’s also great for allowing you to unbind items that you have bound to other heroes. His other big use is that you can use him to power-up your costume with bonus stats and even attach costume cores that give several bonuses to your costume. Be sure to pick-up crafting materials you see in the world and put them in your STASH (bank) so that you can do these things.

Enchanter – The enchanter uses Runestones you find in the game world to put enchantments on your gear. These enchantments on your weapon and armor are reasonably small, but they don’t cost much in materials. The big enchantment is on the Uru-Forged items you will see drop around level 25. As you level-up the enchanter, you will gain access to an increasing number of different special enchantments.

Faster Advancement Through Game Mechanics

Hero Synergies – You may have noticed once you got a character to level 30 that you get to gain a small bonus by selecting it on the Hero Synergy page. Those are nice, but what is great is that they also grant a small xp bonus for each character you get above level 30, level 50, and level 60. At level 30, the bonus is 1%, at level 50 it is 3%, and at level 60 it gives a large bonus for the first 4 heroes you get to level 60. It progresses like this: 30%, 50%, 65%, 75% for each hero you get to level 60. After that, each additional hero you get to level 60 grants 5% additional xp. All of these hero xp synergies work together, but will max out when you reach 200% total Hero synergy xp. Additionally, I’m not sure if this effect is increased by Boost items that raise your xp (though it isn’t hindered by it, they may not actually increase the amount). I can tell from the stats screen that it is handled differently, but I am not sure exactly how.

Omega Boosts – After you get your first hero to level 30, you start having access to the Omega Point system. Omega Points are an endgame progression mechanic that allows max-level characters to obtain a reward for the xp they earn. You also get these for all level of heroes based on the xp they earn and also as a reward for completing each shared quest of the day. I earn about 5 of these/day by doing the shared quests and by earning enough xp on my characters. This is a mechanic not really aimed at casual and core gamers, but it is still useful even if our progression through it is much, much slower. You can use Omega Points to make your character more powerful in a bunch of different ways. It might seem like a good idea to purchase the extra XP for faster advancement, but the amounts are tiny for characters over level 30, so you should focus on things that make your character more powerful. More powerful characters kill things more quickly and thus advance more rapidly.

At Max Level, Join the LFG Channel

There is an LFG channel that you don’t read by default. This is because it really isn’t aimed at new players but is instead aimed at those at max level where most of the group content that doesn’t have a handy queue to group you easily can be found. While you aren’t interested in raid groups (or wouldn’t be reading this), the channel is really great for getting difficult shared quests done. For example, Man-Ape is a really tedious and difficult chore to do alone for most players, but if it is part of the daily shared quest for terminals, then there will likely be many groups formed to take him out. Likewise, Doom, MODOK, and Kurse will often have groups formed. The easier/shorter bounties you can do on your own and may have done anyway while completing one of your hero’s legendary quests, but grabbing a group for the time-consuming one (and I’ve only seen one of these in a bounty list/day) can be a great idea. Still, the easier ones will often have groups to complete these on Cosmic difficulty. This can be great for farming xp for Omega Points and for gear as Cosmic Terminals dump huge amounts of gear for fairly short (if somewhat difficult) challenges. It’s also smart to grab a group for Midtown Madness as it goes much more quickly and grants more xp. Again, the issue with these is that LFG is almost exclusively for level 60 characters, so it may not be worth bothering to show in your chat until you have at least one level 60 hero.


That’s all of the things I’ve learned over a month or two of playing as a core player. Obviously someone who does legendary quests on every hero and beats the shared quests almost every day can’t really be called casual, but I’m definitely not a hardcore gamer who will ever play or enjoy raiding or obtain tons of Omega Points, so learning all these mechanics really helped me enjoy the game for my playstyle. My hope is that it helps you too. Again, I’d like to ask that if anyone reading this knows of any mistakes I should fix or additional information I should add, it would be very welcome. Marvel Heroes has a ton of game features and mechanics to learn compared to other games (the crunchiness being part of the fun IMO), so I definitely don’t think I’ve learned them all.

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