Illomustre’s & Admiralgeneral’s Fast Leveling Guide.

**Before you start : **

This guide is Focussed on FAST leveling and you will need a good amount of Credits to do this, we have found that it costs anywhere from 1-2.5 million credits depending on how fast you want to level. Also this guide is not for the players who have just joined but for the more experienced player who just wants to prestige or level a new character they have just unlocked quickly

Go to Chapter 7 Sinister Lab Normal/heroic/Superheroic Storyline for the 2h Buff
just do the quest and Kill Sinister than talk to Xavier.

Go to Chapter 4 Upper east side HEROIC mode for the mole man Medaillion. +10% XP Max.
Not far From spawn go North-east than East to find a big hole in the ground and enter the cave
find the mole man at the end of the cave and kill him to get the medaillion.

For the people who want to ask why on Heroic? its very simple: Normal mode gives you the Normal medallion that doesnt have the XP rating on it and the Superheroic gives you a medallion that you are able to get from lvl 45+ and you want to be able to equip the medallion as soon as you can.

Other things that help you level faster.

hero synergy bonus up to 200%

A Legendary item will help you alot if you are prestiging.

Uru Forged Seer’s Brilliance +100 xp per enemy defeat +1 intelligence ( available @ lvl 25 )

Cyclops LVL 50 Synergy bonus +10% XP

A pet with +3 Intelligence ( INT gives 1% bonus xp per rank )

Omega points ( From level 30 )

Psionics omega system: Precognition ( Total cost 70 points ) +1 XP Per enemy defeat +20 Total
Nano Technology: Microsurgery Experimental Robotics ( total cost 425 points ) +5 xp per enemy defeat 125+ Total

For a Complete overview of all the buffs you can use to increase your XP gain go to Vtyler’s thread Here:

_Now that we have the first part covered and you are buffed with your medallion and gear ready lets talk about the first 20-30 levels.
For this you will go to Challenges – S.H.I.E.L.D Holo-Sim Wave. Go in and wait for the wave to spawn, if the wave is not a kill as many enemys as you can wave than instantly leave through the portal and go back into a new Holo-Sim untill you get one of these waves.

Best Holo-Sim Waves.

Ngarai Demons

Hand ninjas



Brood Soldiers

Medium holo sim waves ( for tanky Heroes )




Depending on your Heroes damage and survivability ( And your confidence ) you can do legendary quests from level 25-30 all the way to 60.

( short word for people who want to say you can start legendary questing from level 20 )
Yes we know that you can start legendary quests from level 20 but looking at juggernaught for example: Juggernaught gets alot more xp from Holo-sim Waves compared to terminals becouse without his Signature move it takes him a long time to kill the bosses. Another Example is Venom who is easily able to do it at level 25 and therefore can clear terminals alot faster.

This varies per hero so it depends alot on who you are playing but after alot of testing we saw that Holo sim beats legendary quests up till level 25.

Legendary Quests.

Remember that if you want to Level to 60 A.S.A.P. than Only do TERMINALS!. ICP and MM can use up alot of your boosts quickly!!

Terminal Quests are the easily the fastest XP you can get, Industry City is also very good couse it takes a bit longer but you usually get a couple of boxes with some extra XP to make up for that, Midtown Madness can be fast or incredibly slow, i have been looking for “MGH Brutes” for over 20 minutes sometimes and sometimes i would walk into midtown for 10 seconds and already see them.

A nice thing to remember for midtown madness is that when you are killing a group of “MGH brutes” try to keep the Yellow elite alive since he will spawn more enemys for you to kill. This way you can complete your legendary quest with only 1 group of enemys.

Rerolls cost 6250 -14750 from level 25-59 Depending on howmuch money you want to spend you can try to get one of the following quests.


Shocker ( Subway Smash up )

Octopus ( Tear the warehouse Down )

Taskmaster ( School’s Out )

Hood ( Hide and Seek )

Kingping ( The bigger they are )

Juggernaught ( Full Steam Ahead )

Magneto ( Magnetic Appeal )

Sinister ( Lab crash )

Kurse ( Winter’s over )

Industry City

50 Blue/yellow Elites + 3 phases ( Knock Their blocks off )

150 enemies + 3 phases ( Kick some asphalt )

3 Bosses + 20 Construction Equipment ( Backlot Beatdown )

50 elite + 20 Construction Equipment ( Elite Beatdown )

3 Bosses + 3 phases ( Show em Who’s Boss )

6 Bosses + 3 phases ( *************** )

50 Blue/Yellow Elites ( *************** )


50 Alien interlopers ( Interloper Intervention )

20 MGH Brutes + 5 Aim ( End the Brute Violence )

35 Moloids/Lava men ( Subterrenaen Smackdown )

50 Demons and Sorcerers ( The tendrils of Limbo )

6 bosses ( Hold the line )

50 Paramilitary soldiers ( Paramilitary putdown )


This story line quest is pretty much the same as shocker terminal only you have to kill 25 Maggia instead of destroying control panels.

Story Line

Shocker ( Subway Sweep )

Chapter 6 ( outer compund ) destroy 5 searchlights/10 jeeps/20 ammo crates ( Jeeps are always in the same location )

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