Item Comparison Tool (Unsupported)


  • You would need excel. No idea if it would work in Open Office. It might, there’s no macros or code. Can’t say for sure, might also mess up the formatting.
  • Primarily for item comparison and min/max, you can use it to figure rough stat weights as well if you want to play with various setups.
  • Uses both the formulas from the game and the method of calculation that PsiLocke posted before becoming a developer. HarryTasker reposted PsiLocke’s guide here:
  • The only thing that has changed, math wise, since that was posted is that the formulas for damage ratings no longer FLOOR.


Short of core game system changes to formulas, nothing should change anything in this sheet though. Tuning tags and their fiddling with them are irrelevant to DPS calculations as they occur BEFORE arriving at the base damage that players can see and calculate.

I’ve had a number of people using this for awhile, everything is accurate so far as well can tell. Attack speed calculations under the DPS calculations area are probably slightly rough due to how much rounding goes on with tooltips.

Character Input

  • Input your stats from the character sheet.
  • Only enter core stat ranks (S/E) and damage ratings that apply to the ability you’re comparing for. If you’re looking at the DPS for a physical ability, do NOT enter your energy stat ranks or energy damage rating for instance.
  • Always enter fighting rank, it applies to everything.
  • Enemy level affects your crit/brutal rates. Your character sheet calculates based on level 60 enemies, so that’s what the sheet is set to by default so you can see that things match up. However, as anybody knows, you’re mostly fighting level 63 enemies in game, so if you want to see your true numbers, change that field.
  • Current ability rank matters for calculating the value of +ranks to the ability in damage rating terms. Make sure to enter.
  • Synergy/Added Base Damage input should be self explanatory. If you have 10% worth of synergies that apply to what you’re looking at, enter 10%.
  • Same goes for the crit/brutal synergies part.
  • Only edit yellow fields, don’t change any other color.
  • As the note said, character attack speed caps at 39.9% repeating, entering values over that will error the formula since it’s not possible to obtain in game.

Item Input

  • Should be self explanatory as well.

Item Results

  • Should be self explanatory for the most part.
  • Total Damage Multiplier is the combination of your Percent Base Multipliers (damage ratings, core stats, synergies) and your Crit Factor (crit, crit damage, brutal, brutal damage). Higher is obviously better.
  • TDM & Attack Speed factors the two together, higher is again better.

Ability Section

  • Only section that might be a little rough in values.
  • If you enter tooltip damage, AND you entered EVERYTHING in character input section CORRECTLY, it should return the base damage value of whatever rank you’re looking at (it’s simply removing all your multipliers from that tooltip value to backtrack it).
  • Assuming everything was done correctly, it then takes that base damage and lets you do the other shown calculations with it.
  • Yes, the “BASE DAMAGE” value will be higher than a tooltip low value. Base Damage is always an average of “High + Low / 2″ obviously, for abilities with a range of damage. For a DoT the base is the same as the low, as they have no range.


  • Go there.
  • Click the DOWNLOAD Arrow at the top center-ish of the screen.
  • Open in Excel (maybe OpenOffice too, probably works, can’t say).

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