Marvel Heroes 2015 1.22 Patch Notes

New Hero: Juggernaut!

The unstoppable Juggernaut has arrived in Marvel Heroes! Plow through enemies with your immense strength and build up Juggernaut’s resource – Momentum! By building up Momentum, Juggernaut gains movement speed (and changes running animations!) in addition to making many of his powers deal more damage or additional effects based on how much Momentum he has.

New Team-Up Hero: Havok!

Cyclops’ brother Havok has arrived as a Team-Up Hero! Using his incredibly powerful ability to absorb and rechannel energy as plasma, Havok can deal big damage to enemies, either one at a time, or to your entire screen! Havok will be delivered to those who purchased the Team-Up Advance Pack immediately and will be available in the G Shop. He will be appearing in Adam Warlock’s inventory for Eternity Splinter’s in next week’s patch.

Halloween + Omega Event!

The Halloween Event continues! Additionally, the Omega Event has started!

Trick or Treat powerups still drop from any enemy, but should have a more normalized droprate.

You will still receive guaranteed Trick or Treat power ups from the first completed Shared Quests of the Day as well as the first time you defeat Man-Ape and Mr. Hyde that day.

You can also now purchase festive Pumpkinfication Potions from the Armor and Weapons vendors! They cost 9,995 credits and are a re-usable item that place a Jack O’ Lantern Visual on your head temporarily. Try them out and take a fun screenshot!


Certain enemies throughout that game can appear with an Omega-Level Threat designation that increases their difficulty and causes them to drop a chest with extra loot.

During Operation Omega, the first time you complete a Shared Quest each day will reward double Omega Orb rewards.

Omega leveling is 24% faster during Operation Omega. This works well with the Omega-Level buffs to experience.

Agent Coulson offers a mission during Operation Omega week. Each day, you can complete five or more waves in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Holo-Sim to receive a reward from him. This will help hone your skills to be prepared for Omega-Level threats.
During the event, any enemy can drop a powerful artifact called The Omega Drive.


During Operation Omega, players can earn up to 100 Omega Access Files each day.
Omega Access files are not random drops, they may be specifically earned:

  • 10 Omega Access Files for logging in each day.

  • 30 Omega Access Files for completing Coulson’s training mission each day.

  • 60 Omega Access Files for completing the Shared Quests each day. (20 ea

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