Marvel Heroes 2015 1.27 Patch Notes

Event: Return of the Guardians of the Galaxy Event!

  • To celebrate the Guardian’s of the Galaxy DVD release on 12/9, we bringing back our Galactic Event! To obtain the mysterious Planet X Bark, simply complete each of the three Shared Quests once a day. Additionally, everyday just for logging in, 1 Planet X bark will be deposited in your inventory. When you log out and in again, it will be transferred to your currency tab!

  • Planet X Bark can be redeemed for amazing gifts (including the highly sought after Mysterious Crimson Box) by talking to Groot in the west wing of the Avengers Tower.

  • This is planned to be the LAST time we use Planet X Bark, so spend it up!

New Hero: Magneto

  • The Master of Magnetism has arrived in Marvel Heroes 2015! Magneto uses his control over electromagnetism to crush his enemies, utilizing shards of metal debris, cars, and even Sentinels!

New Team-Up: Spider-Woman

  • Our latest Team-Up Hero, Spider-Woman is now available! Spider-Woman uses her bioelectric Venom Blasts to defeat enemies from a distance, as well as assist your hero with her unique pheromone abilities!

New Omega Tab: Mutation

  • A new Omega Division is now available! The new division highlights research into mutations of various heroes and villains of the Marvel universe, such as Magneto, Strong Guy, and even Squirrel Girl!

  • As a result of the new Division, all Omega Points have been reset to allow players to freely reallocate points.

Starter Hero Trial System

  • All starting heroes in the game are now available to play up to level 10! New players will be allowed to ‘uncap’ one of these starting heroes so they can be leveled to 60. In addition, a new Help Terminal has been added to Stark Tower (Prologue) to assist new players in learning how to switch heroes.

Queens Bank Tutorial Changes

  • Queens Bank is now a private instance with new content! Visit it to see special cameos from iconic heroes and a more streamlined gameplay experience. The Bank Robbery mission is now account-based, but you can always return to replay this area and defeat Black Cat!

Login Reward Change

  • Brand new players will now receive 400 Eternity Splinters for logging in on Day 2, due to the changing in our starter hero system. This replaces the old 200 Splinters you received (100+100 for Green Goblin and Dr. Doom).

  • Veteran players will all be granted a pack of 200 Eternity Splinters to go along with the 200 Eternity Splinters they received for their first victory over Green Goblin and Dr. Doom, back in the day. Everybody’s a winner!

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