Marvel Heroes 2015 1.30 Patch Notes

Event: Cosmic Chaos


Cosmic Bosses Drop Double Loot – All cosmic Terminal bosses, every time.

Cosmic Questions Answered – 42% server-side multiplicative boost to Rare Item Find, Special Item Find and Experience for all your heroes.

Cosmic Prestige Doubled – Doubled leveling rate for Cosmic Prestige during Cosmic Chaos week.

Cosmic Chaos Supplier: Moondragon – An honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and daughter of Drax the Destroyer, Moondragon is no stranger to cosmic chaos. During the Cosmic Chaos event, Moondragon will exchange Cosmic Worldstones for a variety of items.

NEW: A gifted (bound to your account) Doop rune can now be purchased from Moondragon for 500 Cosmic Worldstones.

The Doop rune has an increased chance of dropping from all Doops during the Cosmic Chaos event.

The Omega, Cosmic, and A.R.M.O.R. Event Vendors will now always be available in the West Wing of Avengers Tower.

Bug Fixes

Black Widow’s Timed Explosive bonus damage when triggered manually should once again scale correctly with ranks in Remote Detonation.

Fixed an issue where movement powers would fail to deal damage if queued after another power.

Fixed an issue with Star-Lord’s Elemental Blast that prevented queued powers from activating after using Elemental Blast.

Fixed an issue where the Brutal Rating on Magneto Was Right T-shirt wasn’t displaying

Fixed an issue with Magneto’s Signature Storm of Steel failing to activate when spammed while holding the key for another continuous power.

Fixed an issue where Red Skull’s Dust of Death Slot 1 was upgrading to values that were higher than intended. The +ranks to ranged powers was to be treated the same as +to trees and is only supposed to increase 1 rank at 69.

Fixed an issue where the Malekith and Venom Medallion effects were falling off after activating due to going above the health threshold. Additionally, the cooldown on the Malekith Medallion is now displayed

Fixed an issue where Power Up ‘Gifts’ were not ticking down in Raid Zones. They should now tick down in all zones.

Fixed an issue where Reliquaries of Rarity above your level would not show the locked item border.

Ice Golems now count as Gigantic enemies, and count toward Subterranean and Tendrils of Limbo.

Industry City Reward boxes will now drop at the level of the region and thus have a level requirement to open them. This is to correct the issue where heroes would level with the boxes in low level Industry City regions, out-level the region, and then continue to out-level it by one-shotting enemies and acquiring the boxes quickly. This was causing a bad player experience for other players in the zone and was not intended. Industry City Reward boxes that have already been acquired will not be affected by this change.

Magneto’s Magnetic Attraction now deals Energy damage as intended instead of Physical

Resolved issue with Sentinels with Mega-Sentinel in Midtown not counting for boss defeat Legendary Quest credit, but the Sentinels discoveries counting for boss credit.

Tactical Neural Implant Omega Node now specifies that it gives Melee Crit Rating (as intended).

Wolverine’s signature power should no longer be canceled mistakenly by activating other powers. Additional bug fixes to Wolverine will be coming in next week’s patch.

Store Note:

If you ordered the Team-Up Advance Pack, you will receive Arachne today! Arachne will be available in the store for other players after at least 30 days.

Password Not Working?

If you are unable to login (the login button does not light up) it’s because your password is too short! Head to the website and change your password to have at least 8 characters (as well as our other new security requirements).

Known Issue

Arachne’s powers should all do Mental Damage instead of Physical, Energy and Mental Damage.

Super Group chat is currently not functioning.

Magneto’s Storm of Steel will halt you in place unless you are already moving when you use the power. To get around this, hold the movement button before using the ability (putting you in ‘drive mode’) and continue moving until the power is complete.

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