Marvel Heroes 2015 1.38 Patch Notes

Event: Midtown Madness

The Omega Event will wrap up tonight at Midnight PST, and Midtown Madness will begin!

Bosses in Midtown Manhattan will drop a Midtown Madness box which contains all kinds of loot, including a chance at Midtown specific Uniques, artifacts and rings!

Midtown Fortune cards also drop from bosses during Midtown Madness. These can drop Cosmic Rings, Epic Team-Up Gear, Epic Insignias, Random Cosmic Medallions, special Midtown Uniques, and have a very rare chance to drop a Random Costume or Ultimate Upgrade Token!

As a nod to the 59th street geography of Midtown, there will be a server side 59% bonus to Experience, Special Item Find and Rare Item Find.

New Hero: Iceman

The iceman cometh! Bobby Drake has arrived! One of the original X-Men, Iceman finally ice slides his way into the Marvel Heroes 2015 roster. Use his thermokinesis to blast enemies with ice beams, shatter them with melee, or summon Ice Golems to do your bidding!

52 Review: Punisher

Frank Castle is back! Our last starter hero to receive a 52 Review, Punisher has a brand new Primary Resource: Ammo! Spend your Ammo with a huge assortment of weapons and then use your Rapid Reload power to replenish it all instantly! In addition, Punisher has received the long awaited Battle Van as his new Ultimate! You really have to see this one.

Enemies: Boss Revamp

The first three bosses in Marvel Heroes 2015 have received a revamp of their own!

Black Cat, Living Laser and Green Goblin will now feature improved AI and new powers to improve the opening of the game (as well as their appearances in various gameplay modes). It’s about time the bad guys get a review!

Performance: Resource Leak

Our engineers have located an issue that has been present for quite some time regarding the game not properly deleting data that it had cached. This should result in improved performance over long gameplay sessions. Please let us know if your performance has improved on the forums!

UI: Boss Indicator

Having trouble seeing bosses in multiplayer content? There is now a Boss Indicator! Head to Gameplay options to turn on this new option that places an indicator above each bosses’ head.

UI: Hubs Waypoint

A new tab has been added to the Chapter Waypoint menu: hubs! A player can now easily travel to their hub of choice without finding them in their respective chapters.

UI: New Overhead Health Bars

The overhead health bars have been redesigned to accommodate the upcoming Title system.

Bug Fixes

Mister Hyde’s Ooze Machine should now correctly shut down after you interact with the console in the Zoo One-Shot.

An issue with Nova’s Cosmic Combo that would cause the camera to detach has been fixed. Fixing this issue has the side effect of the camera no longer “locking in place” when attempted to use Blast Off

Winter Soldier’s Double Time will no longer break destructible objects while stealthed or invisible

S.H.I.E.L.D. Delivery Manifests will no longer prompt for confirmation when donated to crafters.

Fixed an issue that caused Human Torch’s Fiery Rejuvenation not to remove the burning status from affected targets.

Known Issues

The Option to display current Spirit in the overhead health bar is not currently present.

Frost Nova’s damage vs chilled targets is currently not working

Frozen Blades is a basic power that does not currently allow spirit regeneration

Construct Focus’ active effect shows the incorrect amount of DoT damage on tooltip

Glacial Wall tooltip damage is incorrectly listing higher values than actual damage

Work of Art does not apply 5 stacks of Chill as stated in the tooltip

Inspecting another player will show them as having 9,999 Achievement Points in the UI panel

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