Marvel Heroes Costume Checklist v15.1.38

Here is a checklist I made to keep track of my heroes costumes. Please leave feedback here in this trend. This list includes Chase costumes, Fortune Card costumes, Giveaway costume, Starter costumes, and all store buyable costumes.

It’s the start of a new season Marvel Heroes 2015.

01/09/15 – Updated MHCC v15.1.30 with missing costumes for Ghost Rider Alejandra Blaze, Ms. Marvel Mar-vell, and Star-Lord Marvel NOW!. New for this update Venom Anti-Venom Costume, Venom Classic Costume, and X-23 X-Force Costume.

01/17/15 – Updated MHCC v15.1.31 with Hulk Ultimate Costume, Spider-Man Spider-Girl Enhanced Costume, and Venom Toxin Costume.

02/05/15 – Updated MHCC v15.1.34 with Winter Soldier Longest Winter Costume and Winter Soldier Movie Costume.

02/21/15 – Updated MHCC v15.1.36 with Hawkeye Hawkguy Costume, Hawkeye Hawkguy (Sweatpants Variant) Costume, Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy Movie (Headphones Variant) Costume and Winter Soldier Movie (Maskless Variant).

02/24/15 – Updated MHCC v15.1.36 with Storm Astonishing X-Men Costume and what a nice outfit & look for her.

03/05/15 – Updated MHCC v15.1.38 with Iceman Age of Apocalypse Costume and Iceman Modern Costume.

Marvel Heroes Costume Checklist v15.1.38 [Read Only] :D

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