Marvel: War of Heroes: A Guide to Victory Without Spending Money

Here are some tips and tricks from onClan for Marvel: War of Heroes help to make sense of it all and get ahead and reach to victory without spending real money. These Marvel: War of Heroes Tips can be updated daily so check back. Things can be a little tough for new players especially when all stats are recorded and shown publicly.

One of my weaknesses, I shamefully state, is my love of superheroes. As a young lad, I was an unabashed fan of both of the major capes companies, and that nostalgic affection sometimes leads me to buy into things I wouldn’t normally dream of. So, my secret confession is that whenever anything Marvel or DC pops up, I check it out for at least a little while, and that includes Marvel: War of Heroes. Judging by its position on the charts, I’m not the only one who put some time into it, and it seems like plenty of people out there are still trying it out. Like many of Mobage’s offerings, there isn’t exactly a ton of strategy to be found in the game, but I do have ten tips to get you on the road to enjoying the game without spending cash.

1) Make sure you allocate your attribute points when you level up. The game will remind you, but you can still miss it. If you have attribute points, spend them right away. There’s no value in waiting to become stronger.

2) In the beginning, allocate your stats to defense first. For the frugal player, your silver is your lifeblood. You don’t want other players looting you constantly or you’ll be out of cash in no time. This is where you have to use a little of the ol’ psychology. When players are choosing a target, they’re liable to choose the one with the lowest defense. What you want to do is make sure that person isn’t you. You should be aiming to have a tens digit higher than the average player your level, so if everyone else has 15, you should have 25.

3) You don’t need to focus too much on energy in the early stage. Your energy regenerates pretty quickly and level-ups come fast in the beginning, which will restore your energy. As a result, there’s not much value in putting points into it. You’ll likely regenerate enough to take on the early stages while you’re doing things like checking your present box or battling other players. I’m not saying you should never put any points into your energy. At some point, the missions will require more and more energy to play, and you’ll want to have the ability to, at the very minimum, fight three foes.


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