Try Cobo’s New Service!

What’s Ariel up to now? The adventurer support company Cobo is now testing a new service, and would very much like your help. Join up and get exclusive rewards. Find out how to get a free permanent costume suit, accessories, and more!

Now in the Item Mall: Nasod Welding Work Clothes & Accessories

Try Cobo’s New Service!
Elsword Online In-Game Events
Duration: 2/25/2015 – 3/10/2015

  1. Cobo’s New Service Coming Soon
    Duration: 2/25/2015 – 3/10/2015 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

      1. Cobo’s Nasod Manufacturing Technology – Play Elsword at least 10 minutes to receive limited edition Nasod Welding items for the day.
    Timer Name Condition Rewards Limitation
    Nasod Welding Tool
    10 min...
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Elsword Halloween Candy Art Contest

Halloween Candy Art Contest
on Facebook
October 16 – 30, 2014

1st Place 5,000 K-Ching
2nd Place 3,000 K-Ching
3rd Place 2,000 K-Ching
5 Runners-up 1,000 K-Ching


si_ArtContest_3 si_ArtContest_4

Put an Elsword twist on trick-or-treat swag. Get in the kitchen and make some Elsword inspired Halloween candy for a chance to win K-Ching! Check out the Elsword Halloween Candy Art Contest on Facebook and see if you can mix up an awesome scary-sweet combo. Join now!

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Exclusive Sale: Shiny Halloween Monster’s Soul Special Cube

Hi, Elpeeps! Here’s another special item for spooks season: Introducing the Shiny Halloween Monster’s Soul Special Cube. Each one contains 2 things: a Shiny Halloween Monster’s Soul, and the new Ariel’s Halloween Costume Crafting Ticket that you can collect and craft into the Halloween Costume piece of your choice.This is your chance to get the exact pieces you want and assemble your perfect trick-or-treating outfit!

Check it out at the Item Mall today!

Exclusive Sale: Shiny Halloween Monster’s Soul Special Cube
Duration: 10/21/2014 – 11/4/2014 (Ends 11:59 PM PDT)

  • For a limited time, the Shiny Halloween Monster’s Soul Special Cube is available at the Item Mall.
  • No purchase limit on Halloween! (October 31, Friday)
Shop Item Price Purchase Limit
Shiny Halloween Monster...
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Add’s Tactics

Get into the tactical approach as Arc Tracer moves up to Mastermind. The rest of the Elgang may even experience some of the Mastermind’s awesome powers. Check out these Addtastic events, including a way to get a permanent costume suit!

si-addstactics-10292014_1Add’s Tactics

In-game Events for Mastermind’s Launch
Duration: 10/29/2014 – 11/11/2014 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

Perks for Advancement – 1.5x EXP and Sealed Skill Trial Items

a. Blessing of Growth

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Attack of Drabaki

Challenge a new giant beyond the Gate of Time. Make the most of your encounter with Drabaki by joining these events. Get exclusive rewards including a 15-day riding mount! Learn more about the new Raid Boss, Drabaki.

Attack of Drabaki

In-game Events
Beginning November 19, 2014

1. New Raid Boss: Attack of Drabaki
Duration: 11/19/2014 – 12/2/2014 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

  • When you enter either a dungeon or field for the first time, the ‘Attack of Raid Boss’ Emblem appears.
  • Log in to the game and stay a while to receive the following rewards.
Timer Type Timer Name Condition Reward Limitation
Daily Appearance of New Raid Boss Drabaki! 10 min. connection 1 Dark Energy (1 day...
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Happy Thanksgiving, Elpeeps!

Start the holiday season right with Elsword! Show up to prep the turkey and amp up the fun with a party EXP boost! Also, don’t forget that starting on Thanksgiving Day, we’re giving you a FREE Fossil Reader (11/27), an Ice Burner-Dark Shadows (11/28), and a special Ice Burner-Elesis Salvatore Solace (11/29) if you play for an hour or more on the day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s Your Thanksgiving Turkey + Party EXP Boost!
Duration: 11/26/2014 – 12/2/2014 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving in Elrios! Earn extra EXP when you party up with your friends.
    • Two Players : 1.5x EXP
    • Three Players : 1.8x EXP
    • Four Players : 2x EXP
  • Honor a Thanksgiving tradition. Here, grab a fresh turkey!
Timer Type Timer Name Clear Condition Rewards Limitation
Once Grilled Turkey for your ...
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Treasure Hunter, Blacksmith, or Alchemist? Get Started with Professions!

Learn about the new Professions System by joining these happenings in Elsword Online! Take advantage of the exclusive 2X EXP bonus event to get to Lv. 40 sooner. Also, don’t forget to shop for the handy Profession Coin Coupon and Professions Change Ticket at the Item Mall. Want to know more? Read up on the available Professions—Treasure Hunter, Blacksmith, or Alchemist—and choose in-game!

Get Started with Professions

Duration: 12/3/2014 – 12/16/2014 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

1. Let’s Experience Professions!

  • If you’ve already chosen a profession but then found out that you want a different one, you can still switch using this free 1-day Luriel’s Prof...
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