Talk Like A Pirate Day Sale

aion talk like a pirate day
On September 19th check out the Black Cloud Marketplace to view the special prices on the Talk Like a Pirate Day Collection of costumes and Weapon Skins. This offer ends on September 21st, 2014. For this weekend only, these items are on sale at a reduce price.

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Aion 5th Anniversary video and In-Game Event

On September 22, 2014, log onto your characters and celebrate the 5th Anniversary with the Aion team. On each server and faction, three candle cake buff will be set approximately every 15 minutes for one hour. Three different types of four-hour buffs are available, depending on which candle you use! Collect Aether Flames from world drops or purchase them from the store to trade with the Aether Flame Exchanger NPC, pick a candle with the buff of your choice, and put it on the cake. All buffs will benefit nearby Daevas, and they stack too! Grab your buffs and continue your adventures or stay and hang out with Aion team for a chance to win random prizes!

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Aion Content Update Coming November 5

According to the latest announcement on the official AION website new content update INVASION is scheduled on November 5th. Asmodian and Elyos armies will continue their battles in the new zone Kaldor.

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Aion INVASION launches today

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Drakensang online

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New & Returning Players’ Winter Quests


December 17, 2014 – January 6, 2015

Complete the exclusive quests for the season and earn awesome rewards!

New Players: Training to be a True Adventurer

It’s warm-up time, rookies! Reach the required level and have the necessary items in your inventory to see the following quests on your quest list. All these rewards can be yours!

Level Milestone Quest Name Requirements Rewards Limitation
Lv. 8 Defeat a Field Boss Evil Souls Orb Field Boss Cube &

Traces of a Pick Up Master

Own the item Luriel’s Lost Key, Reach Lv. 8
Lv. 12 Pick Up Master
  • Traces of a Pick Up Master
  • Feed your pet 3 times.
Summon Stone: Tree Knight (7days, with Fetch Aura, no pet inventory) &

Ancient Fossil Finder

Own the item Traces of a Pick Up Master,

Reach Lv.12

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Max Up with Little Specter

Get started on your journey to max level with Little Specter, while the rest of the Elgang can get their Millennium Fox Ears! Don’t forget to check out the Greater EXP Boost Medal, now available in the Item Mall! Learn more about Ara’s new 1st Job Change here.

Little Specter Launch Events
Duration: 12/17/2014 – 12/29/2014 (Ends 11:59 PM PST)

Max Up with Little Specter

Eyes on the prize! The level cap may seem a long way away, but you’ll get there soon enough. Here are some freebies to get you going!

Timer Name Condition Rewards Limitation
Start to Max Up! Little Specter! 10mins. Connection (Once) Camilla’s Basic Skill Manual (Little Specter)(Permanent) 10ea...
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