Beginner Guide: daily shop

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Daily Event Shop

Complete daily events to earn Daily Points and swap them for rare items in the Daily Shop (found within the Shop panel).

Battle of Wits: Earn 40 Daily Points for each correct answer. Note: Players in Alpaca form can still earn points, but they earn 20 Daily Points instead of 40.

Mighty Mercs

Players will be rewarded accordingly based on rankings at the end of the event:

1st place: 1500 Daily Points

2nd place: 1300 Daily Points

3rd place: 1200 Daily Points

4th and 5th places: 1000 Daily Points

6th-10th places: 900 Daily Points

Other: 800 Daily Points

3V3: Earn rewards plus 100 Daily Points for winning and 60 Daily Points for losing.

8V8: Earn rewards plus 600 Daily Points for winning and 400 Daily Points for losing. Points will be distributed at the end of the event.


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Änderungen an den Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen am 24.6.2014

F: Betrifft die Änderung alle Spieler?

A: Die Änderung betrifft alle Spielaccounts, die bei der Bigpoint Sarl & Co, SCS registriert sind. Spieler, die sich unter der Bigpoint Inc. registriert haben, sind davon nicht betroffen und werden darum auch nicht erneut zur Bestätigung der AGB aufgefordert.

F: Welche Änderungen werden an den Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen vorgenommen?

A: Wie ihr vielleicht bereits mitbekommen habt, ist am 13. Juni 2014 die so genannte EU-Verbraucherrechterichtlinie in Kraft getreten. Diese Richtlinie soll die Verbraucherrechte, vor allem im Online-Handel, innerhalb der Europäischen Union vereinheitlichen.

Ein Beispiel: Kauft ihr als EU-Bürger in einem fremden EU-Land Waren online ein, müsst ihr euch nicht mehr, wie bisher, Gedanken machen, ob euch dort...

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Perhaps I’ve figured out how threat works in this game, and more…

Before I go any further this was only tested in terminals. Given the raid doesn’t exactly push a ton of damage to one direct target we feel tanking in the raid, at least green difficulty, may not be necessary, but it may help you control boss movements and patterns, and fire giants, and extra enemies in the raid.

With this said, please keep in mind taunts from “others” such as Lil’deadpool, Dr strange’s “clones” that taunt, and hawkeyes shrieking arrow will 100% negate the idea of this system. This system and theory only exists for heroes that physically use a taunt power to grant aggro to themselves and forcing the enemies to attack them and nothing else, but the hero they are currently playing.

The threat system in marvel heroes is actually one alot of us may be familiar with...

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Winter Children’s Chest in shop

From 03.01.2015 00:00 to 03.01.2015 23:59 Winter Children’s Chest is available in item shop

Winter Children’s Chest in shop contains:

  • Potion of Haste, 2 pc.
  • Arctis Khan
  • White Pearl
  • Cor Granatum+ (Normal)
  • Cor Saphirum+ (Normal)
  • Cor Atrum+ (Normal)
  • Cor Jadeit+ (Normal)
  • Blood-Red Pearl
  • Stone Handbook, 2 pc.
  • Green Dragon Bean, 3 pc.
  • Blessing of Life, 3 pc.
  • Energy Fragment, 15 pc.
  • Cor Rubinum+ (Normal)
  • Medal of the Dragon, 12 pc.
  • Passage Ticket (tradeable), 3 pc.
  • Blessing Scroll
  • Polar Porkie
  • Peach Flower Wine, 4 pc.
  • Cor Draconis (Rough), 4 pc.
  • Cor Diamas+ (Normal)
  • Blue Pearl
  • Magic Stone

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Shadowbound Update 12/31

Happy new year!
All Shadowbound servers will be receiving an update on 12/31 at the following times:

· 12/31 00:00 PST
· 12/31 03:00 EST
· 12/31 08:00 GMT
· 12/31 16:00 GMT+8

The update is expected to last 3 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to see you all back in the game as soon as the update is completed! 

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Feedback Feedback zu “Wüste der Essenzen”

Helden von Dracania,

Bitte hinterlasst hier Eure Meinungen und Euer Feedback zum aktuellen Event Wüste der Essenzen

Euer Drakensang Online Team

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Vouchers in Itemshop!

Dear community,

DC Vouchers are available again! Dragon Coin Vouchers in values of 50, 100, 500 or 1000 DC.

The offer is valid from 21.11.2014 10:00 until 22.11.14 12:00

How to redeem: by double-clicking or clicking with the right-mouse button, the displayed amount will be credited to your account.

Please note: this item has a duration which starts upon purchase. It lasts 30 days – after then you won’t be able to redeem it!

Metin2 Team

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