Aion Launch Version Details

Did Aion disappear from your launcher? We are fixing this. Please standby. Whatever you do, don’t mess with it!

Language patch is not ready.

Aion has announced that the final update for us to patch will be available within the next few hours and this version is for both Preselection and Head Start.
Below are the release notes for the patch you will see later today:

Flash version 3,0 or greater is required

You have no flash plugin installed

Download latest version from here

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Aion Launch Errors

  1. If you get any errors, completely shut down your NCsoft Launcher and boot it up again. Make sure it’s patched, and make sure Aion is patched.
  2. If you are getting GameGuard errors, you haven’t patched the game completely. Shut Launcher down fully and restart.
  3. Getting “You cannot run any more cliennts”? Let me know what server you’re on and I’ll have it looked into.
  4. If you’re getting Error 36 it’s one of two reasons. 1) Something blocks your connection, 2) The server is overburdened.
  5. If Aion is in Korean for you – restart the Launcher, right click on Aion and click Properties -> Language Options
  6. Any other known resolution to the korean language in client issue – Close Aion and the patcher. Then relaunch and patch both. You should get a 800MB patch.
  7. You should now b...
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Aion guide for WoW players aka the beginner’s guide

Being a long time WoW addict (read that as ex-addict, stopped playing around 6 months ago) and considering that most of the MMORPG players out there probably played WoW at some point I thought I give you 10 tips that will make your life easier. I will focus on the specifics of the Aion gameplay mechanics that every player should know, so this can also be considered a beginners guide for anyone, not only WoW players. The list will go “less important” tips to the most important differences and it starts with:

10. Changing Channels

In starting areas Aion has multiple instances of the same land so it may happen that you and your friends end up being in the group yet in different channels (instances) and can’t “see” each other...

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New Aion Patch Notes

You must have noticed that today both NA and EU servers were down. During this maintenance some tweaks and updates have been applied.

If you are interested in the latest Patch Notes continue reading

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Banhammer lands on Aion gold sellers

Ban Hammer This Friday evening and most of Saturday NCSoft’s GM teams have been banning massive amounts of accounts that were promoting Kinah selling or other services that broke the game’s Terms and Conditions. Gold spamming in game has reduced severely, but some players have been affected by the banhammer as well and we are waiting to see to what extent has this affected the legitimate players out there. What is also noticeable is that queues on all servers are almost non existant. Whether this is something related to removing bots and goldspammers from the game or has the initial rush finally slowed down remains to be seen...

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Aion Community News update


It is that time of the week again. We followed what other fansites were writing and picked out the best articles for you to browse through (while waiting for queues would go here but there aren’t that many left it seems?).

First off, Nicki Faulk let us know that she has put up a Fanlisting site for Aion. If you’re not familiar with the concept of fanlistings, a fanlisting is a website created by a fan of a particular subject, with the aim gathering together with and listing other fans of that particular subject. The actual concept has probably been around for a long time but the term ‘fanlisting’ as a one-word noun was first used when Janine Mischor created The Fanlistings Network in 2000 ( So go over to and become listed as...

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Aion recent bannings

We wrote about recent Aion massive gold sellers banning, but unfortunately some players have been affected as well. If you found yourself unable to log and you are 100% sure you have not been involved with any activity that would violate Aion User Agreement (never botted, buy or sell gold, never powerleveled, changed files), then you should contact Aion Customer Support team at Support | NCsoft who will be able to look into your case.

  1. Playing behind a proxy/ping modifier service (generally where an ip range has been banned)
    Playing behind a proxy in itself is not against the User Agreement and would not be a basis for ban.
  2. Playing for too long at a time.
    This would not be basis for ban as it is not against the User Agreement either.
  3. Changing the .bin to .exe on the Aion.bin file.
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