Team-Up Advance Pack 2!

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Shadowbound Events for 2/28 to 3/6

Limited Shop
Duration: 3/1 00:00 – 3/1 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: Following Punk shards are on sale for half the original price: Punk Tongue, Punk Eye, Punk Horn or Punk Leg.

Limited First Recharge
Duration: 2/28 00:00 – 3/2 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: Recharge 100 diamonds or more to receive tons of rewards.
Click the Limited First Recharge icon to enter.

Click here for more events!

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MAC Client Technischer Support

Drakensang Online hat eine Clientversion für MAC-User veröffentlicht.
Den Downloadlink sowie die Systemvoraussetzungen findet ihr hier.

Bitte hinterlasst euer Feedback, technische Fragen, sowie Bugs, die den MAC-Client betreffen hier in diesem Thread.

Euer Drakensang Online Team

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Marvel Heroes Forums: Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Marvel Heroes forums! Stay awhile and listen… :)

The Marvel Heroes forums are a service for players and game creators to exchange news, knowledge and ideas in a secure, friendly environment.

The forums team is present 24/7 to help protect forum users from abuse, trolls and spambots, as well as coordinate feedback, bug reports and requests to and from the development team.

One of the major features of the forums is direct communication to the game design team. The entire team reviews the forums and there are often 100 or more posts by team members on many days of the week.

Thread Titles

When posting a fresh thread, please use a clear title that is easy to understand. This will help forum staff channel the feedback to the right people as soon as possible...

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Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Dear Community,

today we like to inform you that our beta server will soon be opened for public.

Take your chance and explore

  • the new character: Lycan
  • new starting map for Lycan
  • 6. skill for Ninja

    • Insidious Poison
    • Spark
  • 6. skill for Warrior
    • Life Force
    • Sword Orb

Visit our Website for the registration:

There are no limited registrations, everyone can register and get an account.

Registration open: 29.10 – 11:00 CEST
Server start: 29.10 – 13:00 CEST

Character creation:

• Go to the registration page and chose your favorite class: Shaman, Warrior, Ninja or Sura.
• Once you decided for a class you’ll get 2 characters, one for each skill (eg. body & mental warrior).
• You also will get a level 1 Lycan to explore the entrance map as well as ...

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Elsword News – Introducing the New Elsword PvP Tag Team Mode has partnered with Kill3rCombo to bring you an exclusive journal featuring the new PvP tag team mode for Elsword. Read on to learn more!

Hey Gang, we’re here to give you the low-down on a brand new Elsword PvP mode that’s right around the corner. For those keeping score, our most recent additions to Elsword have been brand new job classes for all the characters as part of the “Elsword Transformation” series. Well that is still going on—in fact, we have 2/3 of our characters to go!

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Mal wieder ein neuer bug! :D

mir ist jetzt schon öfters mal was passiert und zwar folgendes bei einem nah tod kommt ja diese rötung am rande des screens so bei mir ist das mitllerweile öfters das es einfach bleibt es geht nicht mehr weg ich muss mich komplett neu einloggen bis es dann mal weg ist und nein natürlich auch mit vollem leben :D

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