Aion grabs a lot of “best of 2009″ rewards

Aion_Tamat was so kind to compile a list of all the sites that featured Aion in their “best of 2009″ articles. IGN, TenTonHammer,, ZAM, The Escapist and others found Aion to have made an impact on the gaming scene last year. You can find the full list and the exact awards in the official post on the Aion website.

And looking back at 2009, all things considered, it was a great year for Aion and its community. After a well received beta testing period the game launched successfully, despite all the queues, and sold a large number a copies (over a million in the US and EU combined I believe). The game really feels familiar the moment you start playing it...

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News, community edition

The wife and I play Gladiator and Chanter. We nicely complement each other that way. I almost went Cleric, but if I play another healing only class I swear I’ll go mad (3 years of healing in WoW is quite enough thank you very much). I had a lot of fun the other day because we were capable of going into Eracus Temple on our own without a group and were able to finish a couple of quests.

On his blog, Taugrim describes a similar situation where a Chanter and Templar went solo into Fire Temple and managed to defeat Kromede. The full article with a lot of useful tips is located here and you can view the video of the endeavor below.

I still recommend you visit Taugrim’s blog for some knowledgeable Aion tips.

While we’re on the subject of Fire Temple … Mojeaux of “Yet Another Aion ...

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How to get Advanced Stigma Slots in Aion

At level 20, when you finish the quest A Sliver of Darkness (Elyos) or No Escaping Destiny (Asmo) you will be able to equip your first Stigma Stones. As a reward you will get your first Stigma Stone for free and 300 Stigma Shards. Two Stigma slots will be available and after that you will unlock new stigma slot every 10 levels.

After patch 1.5 there are 8 stigma slots available. Five regular ones and three advanced. In order to unlock the advanced stigma slots there are certain quest-chains that need to be completed first. Advanced Stigma stones can be equipped if prerequisite stigma stones are already equipped. Regular stigma stones can be equipped in advanced stone slots, but advance stigma stones cannot be equipped in regular slots.

You will need to complete the following guest-cha...

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Aion Auction House tips

With the latest patch notes the main Auction House search frustration has disappeared – searching items in the Auction House is no longer case sensitive! Before heading to the Trade Broker here are some tips you should be aware of:

  • Shugo trade brokers can be found in every major town.
  • You can access auction items by clicking on the Auction Broker or by pressing C on your keyboard. There are three main tabs on the broker window: Buy, Sell and Sold Items.
  • Whether you are buying or selling items, the first thing you should do is check prices at any general merchant, because you don’t want to sell bellow merchant prices.
  • Search result items can be sorted by name, level, price or by unit price (when you are selling a stack of items).
  • The search function will only search your...
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How to fall and not die in Aion

One of the most exciting features in Aion is flying. Unfortunately the same feature is usually the cause of XP loss. If you fly too high the wings on your minimap will turn purple which indicates that you will not survive the fall. When the wings are blue you will land safely (The image above demonstrates the wing color difference).

If your flight timer runs out while your wings are purple, don’t try to fly or to glide again before you are very close to the ground. These few seconds while falling down will be enough to get few flight ability seconds and you will be able to spread your wings just before you hit the ground and survive the fall.

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How to change armor or weapon type in Aion

Apparently, we’re always looking for drops with better stats, but when we finally get them, it usually turns out to be of wrong armor or weapon type. Aion designers have provided a remarkable option that can solve this problem.

Armor Exchange

If you want to change your armor type you have to buy Daevanion’s Light for ~59,400 kinah. For Elyos go to Sanctum and buy it from divine accessory vendor Ophenes or Perena. For Asmodians, divine accessory vendors Gerad and Olda are located in Pandaemonium.

Aion1736 Aion1737 Aion1739

Your next destination is also in Sanctum (Pandaemonium) – inside the Training District (the area with all class trainers for lvl 1-25). There are two Priests next to the High Priest:
Sibylla, Armor exchange Priest and Aithra, Weapon exchange Priest,
(for Asmodians Narvi, Armor...

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Aion Solorius Festival Winners

A few days ago Aion team has announced the winners of the Solorius Festival Video Contest. This contest was launched in December 2009 with the goal to let us show our talent and creativity during the Festival. It was obviously a hard decision for the jury, because of a large number of great submissions.

Without further delay, the winners of the contest are:

1. First Prize: Twas the Night of Solorius
Nikole Gamble of Minneapolis, Minnesota

2. Second Prize: Shugo Baby
Amanda Hampton of Salt Lake City, Utah

3. Third Prize: Solorius Claus
Tim Asta of Seattle, Washington

There are also a few great videos that you shouldn’t miss:
The Solorius Festival Orchestra
A Holiday Wish
The Solorius War
Oh Christmas Tree

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