Secrets and Easter Eggs: Recompiled

With the old thread at over 200 comments and the OP not updating. Time to start a new thread so people don’t have to fish through a growing list of pages to see if something is there.

Bob, Agent of Hydra (Credit to StrifeCloud)
-The sidekick of Deadpool, can be find in Hell’s Kitchen in the Bajillion Entertainment Office

Doop (Credit to StrifeCloud)
-A random spawn that drops a lot of XP, credits and a few items when you kill him but he vanishes fast if you aren’t quick to kill him. Think of him as a treasure goblin in Diablo 3.

Wonder-Man Mentions Joss Whedon (Credit to StrifeCloud)
-Speak to Wonder-Man at Avengers Tower during the Prologue, before leaving for Trouble at the Raft, and he will take about how “Whedon better put him in the sequel” – a reference to Joss Whedon, director of the Avengers movies.

Agent Lee (Credit to StrifeCloud)
-Stan Lee makes a not so surprising guest appearance as Agent Lee on the Heli-Carrier

Confidential Bovine Sector (Credit to StrifeCloud)
-One of the random rewards from the Fortune Cards is an item which upon giving it to the crafter enables you to craft a portal to the Confidential Bovine Sector. It requires 10000 coin and medallions from The Hood, Sabertooth, Wizard, Rhino and Taskmaster. The Bovine Sector is a nod to the infamous Diablo 2 Cow World level. Just as in the Diablo 2 version, this is where you can earn some serious XP and gain some awesomely powerful end game items

Supergroup Token (Credit to elek)
– the Buy Price (10001 is NYC zip code which is very near Marvel HQ), and the sell/donate price of 1961 is when the Marvel brand was formed

Shocker Daily “Throne” Terminal (Credit to Sedesia)
– At the end of the shocker daily look for a terminal that has “thorne” writtin on it. the bottom right monitor is Mr.Belvedere, the top right is Married with children and the center monitor is eli manning after winning the Superbowl (and ruining the patriots perfect season) in 2008. I don’t think that the left two monitors are anything.

Hawkeye’s line to Ms. Marvel (Credit to JugheadSpock)
– ‘Carol… You look mahhhvelous’ is a line from an old SNL skit with Billy Crystal.

President of Gazillion (Credit to TITANIUIVI and JugheadSpock)
– In the Dinosaur Jungle. The village elder is called “Elder Bray-Vik” referencing the President of Gazillion

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  1. (Credit to StrifeCloud)
  2. -In “Morlock Underground” (chap 5) You can find four turtles around a green slime splash.This is most likely a reference to the four TMNT.

  3. (Credit to NapierNavlys)
  4. – For anybody that doesn’t know the history – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were originally sort of a parody of Marvel Comics, specifically Daredevil. They got their powers from the same radioactive spill that gave Daredevil his powers. Daredevil’s arch enemies are The Hand, the Turtles’ enemies are The Foot. Daredevil was trained by ‘Stick’, the Turtles were trained by ‘Splinter’. So putting a TMNT reference inside a Marvel game is like an easter egg two levels deep.

Kingdom Hearts
Also, the quote “a heart a heart a kingdom for a heart” is a double Easter egg reference to Shakespeare’s Richard the Third, the actual quote is “a horse a horse, my kingdom for a horse”. (Credit to ssphoenix)

Star Wars

  1. “What an interesting smell you’ve discovered” (Credit to Lunarshade)
  2. – In the sewers cinematic it’s said, It’s the same line Han said to Leia in the trash compactor scene in Star Wars.

  3. ”Help me Tippy Toe! You’re my only hope!” (Credit to Ilex)
  4. – “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, You’re my only hope!”

  5. Killing Mandorien (Credit to ShivanReaper)
  6. -“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good repulsor.” A line said by Han.

  7. “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good Right Hook Doc.”
  8. – Captian Amercia passing Dr. Strange.

The Land Before Time (Credit to Frenetix)
– In the Savage Land areas, there is a treasure room called Hidden Eyrie(not sure if precise). One of the elites(Yellow) here is a T-rex named Sharptooth.

The Princess Bride

  1. Fire Swamp (Credit to SullivR)
  2. – Off the Mutate Marsh, only missing the R.O.U.S.

  3. “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” (Credit to Coeus)

Jurassic Park (Credit to Rekia)
– In the same area as the Science Station. There is a “Raptor survey station” that looks very much like the raptor enclosure in the film

Ed Brubaker (Credit to Godofjurai)
-Chapter 2 has Brubaker Bridge… Ed Brubaker is a writer for several mavel titles.

Sam Ramei (Credit to Grimmslade)
– When you take Spider-man into the MHG Compound “Ugh, this place gives me the creeps, like something out of a Sam Ramei movie” This is a double reference. Sam Ramei directed Evil dead, and directed a recent set of Spider-Man movies.

WALL-E (Credit to AvengersIronMan)
– In the Abandoned Lab in the Jersey Docks there’s an AIM Crushbot named KILL-E

Lord of the Rings + Manderin

  1. “Ten rings and you still can’t rule them all?” (Credit to Nuix)
  2. – When playing as Ironman in green or red dailies as he approaches Mandarin

  3. “Ten rings to rule them all”
  4. – Manderin Medal, Discription ” Ten rings to rule them all ” – Graffiti scrawled on a Madripoor alley.

  5. Throwing ring into Mount Doom (Credit to TempestofVHS)
  6. – Spidey will sometimes say (I think to RR) “Hey short and furry, shouldn’t you be throwing a ring into mount doom right about now?”

  7. “Nice rings, you must have beaten whole Shire full of hobbits for that” (Credit to Elwinz)
  8. – When playing as Deadpool in green or red dailies as he approaches Mandarin


  1. “To the Moon” (Credit to zeroswitch)
  2. – A reference to the Honeymooners TV show when Jackie Gleason would wave his fist about and yell, “One of these days, Alice, bang! Zoom! Straight to the moon!”

  3. “Right in the kisser!” (Credit to Aestron)
  4. – also from the Honeymooners

  5. RR to Thing (Credit to antoncooray)
  6. – “Im rocky,your rocky…we get it”—->The Beatles “Rocky Raccoon”

– DP and Spidy both saw the same thing about Thor. “Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening”, but DP adds Thor’s name on the end. This is pointing to a song by Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ where a line is the same.

Walter White (Credit to Jozen and freakout)
– An AIM elite in MM with that name is a reference to the show ‘Breaking Bad’. The same elite will say “I am still the one who knocks” which is a line said by Walter White in Breaking Bad

Dr. Cornelis
– An AIM elite in MM with that name is a reference to ‘Planet of the Apes’. Also the same name goes to a very little talked about designer of Wolverines adamantium skeleton.

Dr. Horrible (Credit to ChompChomp)
– “I don’t have time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka.” Which is the doctor’s comment on Johnny Snow’s constant challenges.

Luke Cage (Credit to Freebirde)
– if you’re in Mutate Marsh as Luke Cage and you use “Chunk o’ concrete ” , he’ll throw a giant fish.

Legendary Quests

  1. Nuke em from Orbit (Credit to ROBINOFSPIRITWOOD)
  2. – Reference to the Classic Aliens Movie

  3. AIM to misbehave (Credit to DravisDarlock)
  4. – Reference to a speech given by Captain Malcolm Reynolds in “Serenity”

  5. Big Trouble in Little Lowtown
  6. – Movie – Big Trouble in Little China.

  7. Reaver Madness (Credit to Tubbius)
  8. – Reference to film Reefer Madness

  9. Werefore Art Thou
  10. – Romeo and Juliet

  11. Booty and the Beach
  12. – Bueaty and the Beast


  1. My name is Cuban Pete.
  2. – Is a Cuban Rumba song. Used in a few TV series and movies. Also the nickname of a Mombo dancer.

– When Facing Wizard: “I know better wizards form Hogwarts”, Hogwarts is a school for Wizards in Harry Potter.

Loading screen
– one has a moon in the back ground with a ” G ” on it.

Master Engineer Lovelace ( Credit to Darkzealot and ChompChomp)
– Is a double reference to the villain in Wild Wild West , Loveless. And Ada Lovelace, a prominent 19th century British mathematician who worked with Charles Babbage.

Chapter 9

  1. Gaz Logo (Credit to Raumi)
  2. – If you search well enough or have luck, you can find snowmen in Chapter 9 Norway forming the shape of Gazillion’s logo. Breaking them gives exp orbs though.

  3. Nick Fury eye patch (Credit to bandella)
  4. – There’s also a snowman with an eye patch a la Nick Fury.

  5. ‘The Tavern At The End Of The Universe’ (Credit to annieshadow)
  6. – reference to the ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’

Rocket Raccon

  1. “What a Maroon”
  2. – Random comment while killing. This is a comment started by Bugs Bunny.

  3. “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”
  4. – When passing Ironman. 89 movie Batman, Joker.

– Defeating a boss: ” I love it when the plan comes together. ” – A-Team, Haniable Smith.

– throwing a bomb at Hand. “Catch that pebble grasshopper.” Reference to Kung Fu series (1972), ” When you snatch the pebble from my hand grasshopper. “

NPC lines

  1. Game of Thrones (Credit to INFERNOFLAMEZERO)
  2. – MM, “Man this Joffrey character is a real ferk.”

  3. Luck underpants (Credit to Devtek)
  4. – Noodle Shop in Low Town, “Sometimes even my lucky rocketship underpants don’t help”. Calvin & Hobbs reference

Emma Frost
– When facing Sabortooth, “Get ready to dream about chasing rabbits” – Alice in Wonderland.

Wilhelm (Credit to jrbuddha)
– Same name of one of the stage bosses from Borderlands 2.


  1. Bowazon
  2. – The name of an Amazon build in D2 that used only bows.

– Unique “Girdle of Frost Giant Strength” : This is is how belts of strength are word in Dungeons & Dragons…each amount of boost has it’s own name. There are Frost Giants in D&D.

Spider-Man (Credit to ErikModi)
– When tasked to get rid of Brood in the Savage Land: “Isn’t this where we take off and nuke the site from orbit? Please?” Aliens reference.


  • Hostile Unit = 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver.

  • Biometrics Enhancer = Ghost Buster’s PKE

  • Communicator = Star Trek Original Communicator

Kung-Fu Training Program
– Everything about this item is ‘Matrix’. The icon image, the name, the discription.

Brood Mentat
– Mentat is the name of a group in the books series ‘Dune’ that would consume spice for higher mental thinking.

Name elites

  1. She-Bane
  2. – She Bane is the female version of Bane in DC comics.

  3. Esmeralda Snow
  4. – Two part name, same source Disney. Snow White and Hunchback of Notre Dame. Esmeralda is the lead female in Hunchback.

  5. Hydra Agent Gaston
  6. – Gaston is the name of character in ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Doomsaw stated: “Anyone seen the Nick Cage one yet?”

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