Soon: The Last Master ofDarkness By GM Amelia

Soon: The Last Master of
By GM Amelia

Hi-ya, Elpeeps! One week to go before we introduce the last job path of
the Masters of Darkness series. Ready yourselves for Dark Tracer, the height of mAddness!
Just after being flung forward to the present when his obsession, the Nasod
race, had already fallen, Add may soon be able to follow his desire to go back
to a time he knew—back when the Nasod race flourished and everything was as it
should be.

Find out what it’s like to have the advancements and complexities of science
at your disposal. Prepare to trounce foes with time-and-space defying tricks,
including summoning spatiotemporal bodies of super vibrating atoms to hit
enemies to submission. One of the Dark Tracer’s skills I look forward to the
most is one that lets you undo death in battle by going back to a specific
point in time. No resurrection stones? No problem! Be there when Dark Tracer arrives
next week!

Item Mall Goodies

Now on to new stuff coming in this week! The new pet Marionette arrives at the Item Mall
after midnight tonight. Looks can definitely deceive because this is no mere
doll… it’s a powerhouse!

Also watch out for Waltz of the
Flowers Costumes
for Add and Elesis. What do you think about these two
having this dance? I bet it’ll be a refreshing sight. :-)

One more thing before I go: Show up for FREE Supplies from COBO! For a full week starting tomorrow, play 30
minutes or more each day to get an awesome support item from your adventurer
supplies company. The first one is a random 7-day mount! Plus more rewards to
be earned from completing the Cobo Special Missions. Don’t miss out!

See y’all in-game!

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