Temple Flight

Have problems with those 3 weekly resets, and you don’t know what to do?
Some of you might founded the solution already, but for those who didn’t I can try to explain the way i do it.

I’ll use the image above for an example. The way down is in the purple circle xD

So, is monday, new week, 3 new resets at hand, and I’m in lv. 55 Temple Flight

1. I clean the level 55 if i didn’t already, after i kill and take the necessary items i need, i stop wasting steps on trying to get the priestess to the exit(see note), I simply just reset to Level 50. (that’s 1st reset)
2. I’m at level 50, i kill/clean the map and i go up at 55 (going up is always free)
3. I’m at 55 again, clean the map, do not move priestess to exit, reset again to level 50 (2nd reset).
4. Level 50 again, kill/clean, move priestess to exit/next level. (free again)
5. Level 55, same thing clean map, use reset to level 50 (3rd reset).
6. Level 50, clean, kill, move priestess to level 55 (free again).
7. Level 55…clean, kill…. Monday is coming soon and no need to worry

This way I collect more “pet items” or other things that may come out from gold/silver/bronze/demon chests.

So instead of just 3 new maps, u can occupy your time making 6, even if they are lower, but worth it.

Note (only if you have an unlocked higher level): If you do make it to the exit with priestess and you do not have a higher level to go to, you are bounded to reset, you cannot use the arrow from the left screen anymore. They should probably fix that.

Name: GreyEarth
Class: Hunter

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