Variant Costumes Announcement

Hey all!

Thanks so much for all of your feedback on Limited Edition Costumes. We’d like to release these costumes in some form and we’ve come up with a new format for them using your excellent feedback.

The original idea for these came from those of us who like to collect limited edition statues and toys, especially special variations on them. We thought it was a cool concept for us, so we wanted to incorporate that into the game somehow – giving people who purchase costumes a chance to own something special. However, we also want it to be a positive experience and not associate any bad feelings with the concept, which is why we are very willing to completely rethink the original idea.

Variant Costumes – Series 1

Variant Costumes are the maskless variants, Hawkeye with pajamas over jeans and Star-Lord in headphones of the Marvel Universe. They are deviations from the core costume designs, but designed for fans who prefer a maskless look or other unique design. These costumes are intended to appeal directly to fans of the characters or their source material beyond just looking awesome (such as representing an iconic moment in a film or comic book).

How and when will they be sold?

These costumes will be sold for a limited time (approximately two weeks) starting this Saturday. They will come back at a later time, with a Lifetime Price Protection (they will never go on sale for less than they cost now).

These costumes are not limited to a certain number.

Will there be additional Variant Costumes?

Yes! We will continue to make variant costumes similar to these and release them periodically. They too will come back as Chase costumes do (though not necessarily as the same time as Chase Costumes).

Will there be an exclusive title?

No, there will be no title or feat associated with these costumes.

Is there a special visual effect?

Yes, there is a new visual that will say “Variant Costume” and can be toggled on and off.

Is there a unique emote?

The new emote has been changed to override an existing emote (exactly as Enhanced costumes do). They will replace the hero’s default /pose.

How much do these cost?

Each of these will cost 1250 Gs, similar to Hulkbuster or Binary, but less than Enhanced Costumes.

When will these be available?

These are planned to go live on Saturday, 2/21. We will announce their end date at a later time.

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