We introduce the small Wheel!

You wanted a chance to challenge fate ? The time is yours!
The famous Wheel of Destiny gets company in course of this week – and that one spins restlessly!

With some portion of luck you can win a Crescent Halfmoon Ring, a Noble Dragon Chest or a mighty mount. Please pay attention, the offered prizes might change in future!

Visit the Itemshop and claim your prize!

  • Blessing Scroll
  • Concentrated Reading
  • Stone of the Blacksmith
  • Magic Iron Ore
  • White Pearl
  • Blue Pearl
  • Storm Tiger Seal
  • Researcher’s Elixir
  • Blood-Read Pearl
  • Battle Lion Seal
  • Crescent Moon Ring
  • Noble Dragon Chest
  • Royal Tiger Seal (blue)
  • And many more!

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