Weaponsmith / Armor Artisan

Heroes of Duria have long been wearing armor and carrying weapons inlaid with gems. Duria’s jewelers possess the knowledge and skill necessary to remove these gems from their sockets to return them to their owners undamaged. In addition, the jewelers can also transmute three of the same gem into the next highest quality gem. For gem details, please refer to the Gems FAQ.


You will be presented with their service options: 

  • View selection – to purchase gems
  • Work on gems and items
  • Combine gems

*Note: Not all urban areas have jewelers.




Socketing Gems

Gems are socketed to items that have slots. However, gems can only be socketed to specific items such as weapons or armor so please read the gems descriptions in the Gems FAQ carefully before you purchase.To socket a gem, open your inventory and right click on the gem. Your cursor will change into a “gem-like” shape. 


Next, left click on the item you wish to socket. If the gem is not suitable for the item, you will get an error message. Embedding gems onto equipment is FREE.​


Note that you can also socket Gems at the Gem Desk with a socketable item already on the Gem Desk by right clicking a gem in your inventory or simply dragging a gem to an open slot on the Gem Desk. You will need to confirm socketing by clicking the Lock icon beneath the gem.​

Removing Gems

At the Gem Desk with a socketed item already on the Gem Desk, click the Unlock icon beneath the gem you wish to unsocket. Note that unsocketing gems is not free and will incur the charge displayed beneath the Unlock icon. Once unsocketed, the gem can then be moved into your inventory by right clicking it, dragging it, or simply closing the Gem Desk.​

Adding a Gem Slot

Additional slots may be added to any item. At the Gem Desk, click the Add Slot icon and select the item you wish to upgrade. The maximum number of slot in an item is 5. The cost to the player will be in Andermant, and is displayed under the Add Slot icon. The cost of the first and each additional slot are listed below: 

  • Basic items - 10/30/60/120/360 Andermant
  • Improved - 20/60/120/360/1080 Andermant
  • Magic - 100/300/600/1200/3600 Andermant
  • Extraordinary - 400/1200/3600/10800 Andermant
  • Legendary - 1600/4800/14400 Andermant
  • Unique - 2400 Andermant

Combining Gems

The jeweler can transmute three jewels of the same type and quality to the next level of the same gem. There are many levels of quality for all gems, please see the Gems FAQ for details on the purpose of each gem and their varying qualities.To combine gems, select the “Combine Gems” option in the jeweler’s window. A window will open where you can drag and drop the three gems for combining. Again, you will be charged coins to combine gems. Gems of greater quality require a higher cost to craft. Note: Crafting gems of higher quality will decrease the total bonus compared to having 3 gems of lower quality. The greatest gem you can craft is “Sacred.”​
There are 2 types of gems: Offense and DefenseOffensive gems may be fitted only to Weapons and Weapon Accessories (Teeth, Crystals ect.)

  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  • Onyx

Defensive gems can be equipped to Armor, Rings, Amulets and Off-Hand items

  • Diamonds
  • Amethysts
  • Cyanite

For more information on how to use gems, please refer to the Jeweler.

Offense Gems

Rubies - Rubies add attack damage


Sapphires - Sapphires increase attack speed


Onyx - Onyx adds to critical hit value


Defense Gems

Diamonds - Diamonds add resistance to lightning, ice, poison, fire, and andermagic.


Amethysts - Amethysts add to maximum health value


Cyanite - Cyanite boosts armor value


*Radiant, Flawless, and Sacred gems can only be attained through crafting at the Jeweler. To craft, combine 3x jewels from a lower tier.

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