What is Gameplay Guides for?

Welcome! In this subforum, we hope to make a one-stop shop for general guides to Marvel Heroes.

This subforum’s something of an experiment, because the content is basically generated by you, the community! We hope to see plenty of guides here to all sorts of subjects.

One thing we would expect is that those of you who’ve written excellent gameplay guides to specific characters might want to keep those in the relevant hero forums. That’s totally fine; if you do that, feel free to post a discussion here with a link to your guide in the specific forum. We’ll make sure people see it.

Thinking about writing a guide? Here are a few subjects you might like to tackle:

  • Best builds for PvP
  • Taking down Doom (for fun and profit)
  • All you need to know about crafting
  • Building a better guild

You get the idea! We look forward to seeing your guides.

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