Who wants to become a trillionaire?

This is both hilarious and scary! Apparently, a small number of players on the Azphel server had received over 30 trillion Kinah as part of a reward glitch. Since nothing could have been done with this glitch the server was rolled back to that server’s morning state. Azphel was down for along time in attempts to prevent this bug from happening again and because of the rollback. Here’s the comment by NCSoft made on the official web site:

As an apology for the downtime, we’ll be rewarding everyone on the Azphel server with five Lodas Amulets later this week. It’s our goal at NCsoft to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our apologies for the downtime and as always, thank you for your continued patience.

Update: We’ve found a few additional bugs that are having a direct impact on the stability of the Azphel economy. We hope to have more information for you Tuesday morning.

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